Attaching Veils to Basic Beginner Poi

I usually use semi-circular lame' veils, but 8mm silk will also work.

Lay the veil out flat with the straight edge towards you, and put the ball close to the top about 4-6" away from the edge. Position the ball so that the string is perpendicular to the straight edge of the veil.

Fold the veil loosely over the ball, and be sure that the string is outside the veil and still perpendicular to the edge of the veil.

Grab the veil behind the ball loosely and twist it one full time around. Make sure that the string is still outside the veil and perpendicular to the straight edge of the veil.

Wrap the ponytail holder loosely around the twist. It does not need more than three times. Remove the string from the ponytail holder if it got caught, and check that the string is in its correct state. The veil should form a loose pocket for the ball.

Pin the veil shut around the string. Use more than one safety pin if needed.

Attaching Veils to Advanced Poi

Measure out the length you need, which should be around twice the length of the weight plus a few inches.

Thread it through the first elastic loop, pulling that length all the way through the loop. Make sure that the straight edge of the veil remains along the top edge of the poi. Keep threading down the side of the poi.

When you get to the end of one side, start back down the other side. It may cover up the fishing cord slightly, but that's ok.

Adjust the elastic loops so that they are spaced evenly. And done!

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